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The Wonders of the Invisible World


The Wonders of the Invisible World. Observations as well Historical as Theological, upon the Nature, the Number, and the Operations of the Devils by Cotton Mather.


LIMITED COLLECTOR’S 1. Edition (Hand-numbered and limited to 666 copies) with Silver High-lights. Hexenhammer 2020.


The subject of the book is the notorious Witch trials of Salem (Massachusetts) in 1692. A story of Salem witches is told by an eye-witness, the puritan witch-hunter, clergyman-scientist and historian Cotton Mather. As a man of sword and faith and a prominent scientist, Mather was intrigued by the events that occurred in Salem and he wrote against of using torture to get testimonies from women of Salem. He was also against the use of spirit witnesses as a reliable source of information. Despite his efforts to discover the true essence behind these evil forces, many innocent people in Salem were convicted of their crimes of practicing witchcraft and making a pact with the Devil. Many witches of Salem eventually faced torture and finally a hangman’s noose in the gallows. Mather continued his work as a researcher and witch-hunter for the rest of his life, but what he faced as a young man in Salem, haunted him for the rest of his life. This book tells his true story and his first-hand experience facing the legions of Hell and their willing and frenzied servant in the town of Salem.


The book is hand-numbered collectors edition made only 666 volumes. It is bound roundspined hardcover codex with silver folio highlights on cover, spine and back. The book has 200 pages and fine quality illustrations. Page marker ribbon is included. Language is English. Hexenhammer 2020. Limited blue/silver edition. Originally from 1693.



This book is a true treasure for every book collector and to everyone who is interested in occult subjects like witchcraft, magic and demonology. We hope that our customers enjoy this book as much as we do in Hexenhammer!