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Malleus Maleficarum – The Witch Hammer


The Witch Hammer by Heinrich Kramer

Legendary Witchhunter’s manual Malleus Maleficarum (The Witch Hammer) by Heinrich Kramer as LIMITED COLLECTOR’S Edition (Hand-numbered & limited to 666 copies) with Gold details on cover, spine and back. Hardcover 1st edition. Size 27cm x 23, 270 pages, illustrated with 28 original pictures, originally from 1486, languege: english (Montague Summers translation). Hexenhammer Books 2023.

“Certain it is that the Malleus Maleficarum is the most solid, the most important work in the whole vast library of witchcraft. One turns to it again and again with edification and interest: From the point of psychology, from the point of jurisprudence, from the point of history, it is supreme.” – Montague Summers

“But the theory that modern witches are tainted with this sort of diabolic filthiness is not substantiated only in our opinion, since the expert testimony of the witches themselves has made all things credible; and that they do not now, as in the past, subject themselves unwillingly, but willingly embrace this most foul and miserable servitude.” Heinrich Kramer

“The Malleus Maleficarum is one of the world’s few books written ‘sub specie aeternitatis’. – Montague Summers

Collectors hand-numbered edition made only 666 copies. Book is bound roundspined hardcover with gold highlights on cover, spine and back. Red page marker ribbon is included. Book has pages 270. Language is english. Hexenhammer Books 2023: limited red/gold edition. Originally from 1486.

This book is a true rare treasure for every book collector and to everyone who is interested occult subjects like witchcraft, magic, supernatural and demonology. We hope that our customers enjoy this book as much as we do in Hexenhammer!