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Malleus Maleficarum – The Witch Hammer


The Witch Hammer by Heinrich Kramer

Legendary Witchhunter’s manual Malleus Maleficarum (The Witch Hammer) by Heinrich Kramer as LIMITED COLLECTOR’S Edition (Hand-numbered & limited to 666 copies) with Gold details on cover, spine and back. Hardcover 1st edition. Size 27cm x 23, 270 pages, illustrated with 28 original pictures, originally from 1486, languege: english (Montague Summers translation). Hexenhammer Books 2023.

“Certain it is that the Malleus Maleficarum is the most solid, the most important work in the whole vast library of witchcraft. One turns to it again and again with edification and interest: From the point of psychology, from the point of jurisprudence, from the point of history, it is supreme.” – Montague Summers

“But the theory that modern witches are tainted with this sort of diabolic filthiness is not substantiated only in our opinion, since the expert testimony of the witches themselves has made all things credible; and that they do not now, as in the past, subject themselves unwillingly, but willingly embrace this most foul and miserable servitude.” Heinrich Kramer

“The Malleus Maleficarum is one of the world’s few books written ‘sub specie aeternitatis’. – Montague Summers

Collectors hand-numbered edition made only 666 copies. Book is bound roundspined hardcover with gold highlights on cover, spine and back. Red page marker ribbon is included. Book has pages 270. Language is english. Hexenhammer Books 2023: limited red/gold edition. Originally from 1486.

This book is a true rare treasure for every book collector and to everyone who is interested occult subjects like witchcraft, magic, supernatural and demonology. We hope that our customers enjoy this book as much as we do in Hexenhammer!

A Discourse of the Damned Art of Witchcraft


A Discourse of the Damned Art of Witchcraft by William Perkings


LIMITED COLLECTOR’S 1. Edition (Hand-numbered and limited to 666 copies) with Bronze High-lights. Hexenhammer 2021


By the lawes of England the theefe is executed for stealing, and we thinke it just and profitable; but it were a thousand times better for the land, if all witches, but especially the blessing Witch might suffer death. For the theefe by his stealing, and the hurtfull Inchanter by charming, bring hinderance and hurt to the bodies and goods of men; but these are the right hand of the Devil, by which he taketh and destroyeth the soules of men.”


Various occult subjects of this Codex include True Nature of Witchcraft and Witches alliance with the Devil. Different Forms of Witchcraft, Divination & Spells, Necromancy & Summoning, Witches of All Ages and their Supernatural Allies, Witches Tools like Hex Dolls, Staves & Curse Jars, Ways to Recognize Witches and Test them & Witches Gifts, Craft, Recipies and Forms by Detail.


The Power of this Prince of Darkenesse, being above the might of all sensible Creatures, and every way seconded by the greatnesse of his knowledge and experience, manifesteth it selfe herein, for the most part, by workes of wonder, transcendent in both sexes; sometime in matter of Divination, sometime by Inchantment, sometime by rare sleights and delusions; other whiles by hurting, by curing, by raising of Tempests, by speedy conveyance and transportation from place to place and all to purchase unto himselfe admiration, feare, and faith of the credulous world, which is usually carried away with affectation and applause of signes and wonders. His policie, appeareth in a wise and exquisite manner of framing and conceiving both his practises and grounds; the one to procure credit and intertainement; the other that he may not faile of his purpose, but proceed upon certainties.”


Here Satan applyes himselfe to mans measure and at his owne will, drawes the minde into errour, by his delusions and impostures. This made the Samaritans in the Old Testament, and the superstitious Athenians in the Newe, to worship an unknowne God, that is, the Devil. Hence it was, that the greatest Clerkes of Greece, Gil Thales, Plato, and the rest; for want of a better light, sought unto the Wizzards of Egypt, whom they called Prophets, men instructed by Satan in the grounds of Divination. And of this sort were Jannes and Jambres mentioned in the Scriptures. Hence it was also that the ancient Heathen, having no lawe and Testimonie from God, inquired at Soothsayers, and murmuring Inchanters; others betooke themselves in matters of doubt and difficultie, to the olde Oracles of Jupiter Ammon in Libya, of Jupiter Dodonaeus at Dodona in Epirus; of Apollo at Delphos, of Jupiter Trophonius in Botia, and the rest; where the Devil gave the answer, sometimes one way, and sometimes another”


The book is hand-numbered collector’s edition made only 666 volumes. It is bound roundspined hardcover codex with bronze folio highlights on cover, spine and back. The book has 192 pages and fine quality illustrations. Bronze page marker ribbon is included. Book’s language is English. Hexenhammer 2021. Limited green/bronze edition. Originally from 1631.



This book is a true treasure for every book collector and to everyone who is interested in occult subjects like witchcraft, magic and demonology. We hope that our customers enjoy this book as much as we do in Hexenhammer!