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Daemonologie by King James


LIMITED COLLECTOR’S 1. Edition (Hand-numbered and limited to 666 copies) with Gold High-lights. Hexenhammer 2020.


Books tells the story of old English and Scottich witches and their craft pursued by relentless terrible and pious witch-hunters. Other subjects are demons, necromancers, werewolves, vampires, undead, poltergeists and magic practise of that time. Daemonologie gives an interesting historical insight how kings, nobles, witch-hunters, scholars and common folk  saw these evil forces 400 years ago in the mids of the great witch-hunts. Book is written in form of a dialogue. Two educated witch-/demon-hunters are discussing about the subject: how these evil forces manifest and how should they deal with them (with sword, steal and hammer or with fire, water and prayer).


Collectors hand-numbered edition made only 500 copies. Book is bound roundspined hardcover with gold folis highlight on cover, spine and back. Page marker ribbon is included. Book has pages 120. Language is middle-english. Hexenhammer  2020: limited red/gold edition. Originally from 1597.


This book is a true rare treasure for every book collector and to everyone who is interested occult subjects like witchcraft, magic, supernatural and demonology. We hope that our customers enjoy this book as much as we do in Hexenhammer!